Cat Interactive Brain Game

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  • Improve intellectual education with great interest. Satisfying the hunting instinct of hunting cats, hunting cats will never get tired of playing or playing. Unlike ordinary cat toys, it not only eliminates lack of exercise and stress, but also has the educational effect of cultivating cat brain.
  • Don’t be bored when you are not there. Simply place the catnip and powder on the cat’s claws and the cat will push the lever and knock the cat out of the hole! (Because the powder is easy to overflow, we recommend using a mat to cover the floor.)
  • Size: 3 hole size: 21cm (including lever) x 28cm x 10cm 5 hole size: 26cm (including lever) x 33cm x 10cm 8 hole size: 40cm (including lever) x 33cm x 10cm
  • Content: The main body, a thermal adhesive attached to the thermal adhesive, can be easily bonded even if the crucible is peeled off. Natural materials. Because it uses natural pine wood, it is easy to blend into the room with a calming hue.
  • For health. In addition to having fun, you can exercise and relieve stress, which is also a recommendation for cat health.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond to you immediately.
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